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Ineligibility to Possess a Firearm

If you are convicted of Domestic Violence (DV) Assault, No Contact Order or Protection Violation, Stalking, Reckless Endangerment, or Criminal Trespass, among other offenses, you automatically forfeit your right to possess a firearm. This forfeiture lasts indefinitely; your rights are forfeited until you take steps to reinstate your rights.

In addition, upon being formally charged with a DV offense, depending on the nature of the charge, the court will often order the accused to surrender any firearms and concealed weapons permits while the case is pending. Both can have a devastating affect on those who carry for purposes of their job, such as military, security and law enforcement personnel.

If you have been charged with a DV offense or are facing a DV charge and your right to carry or possess a firearm is important to you, you need the assistance of an attorney skilled and knowledgeable in how they work and how they can be challenged. Domestic Violence defense attorney Dan Gerl spent over five years prosecuting domestic violence matters; as a criminal defense attorney he has helped his clients and their loved ones in their struggles with the courts over court-imposed orders.Dan Gerl has the skills and experience necessary to fight for your important rights. Whether your particular situation requires negotiation, litigation, or even trial, Dan will battle aggressively for your interests. If you have been served with or accused of violating one of these orders, Call Dan today at (206) 799-3579 to set up a free consultation, use our contact form for a free case evaluation, or email Dan at

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